rough week

I'm holding a lot together, and it feels like it's all about to break. i feel like im always on the verge of breaking down. it hurts. going to philly couldn't have come at a better time. i'm so so so thankful to have my friends out there that I'll get to spend time with in 2 weeks. Something that has helped me keep my mind off everything, and hold it together is working out. I joined Curves last week. I used to work at one in LA, but I haven't been to one in over 6 years. I haven't really had a formal workout routine since then either. I've been waking up early mostly, but some times I go after work, and it's giving me something to work for, look forward to, feel good about and is motivating. It's also going to help me get strong so I can hike Mt. Whitney in July.

My partner in crime is back at work tomorrow and I am so so so excited to see her. It's been too long.