holy stuff

i have a lot of it. starting to clean house. and it feels so good. I've already got piles and stacks ready to donate/sell. hopefully this will make moving across country easier. for the THIRD time. GEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. the battle of the coasts is over, and the east won.

world series.
hot summer days with mr. softee.
bike rides all over the city
back yard bbq's
stoop hanging
roof sittin

i'm so ready for this.


amanda said…
You are coming back?? When???
lana bear said…
hopefully APRIL!!!!! wait- what amanda is this??
Siobhan said…
yes yes yes! I cannot wait.

p.s. send me clothes before you give them all away :-)
Colleen said…
I'm so excited! what roof are we going to sit on?