i have the coolest friends

Bryana, lc, haley...you inspire me daily. way to be. can't wait until i come up with my good idea.

lc has her own baking company, coco love homemade! I got to try all the whoopies when i was in philly, and they are DELICIOUS!

haley started a new blog where she paints her favorite recipes. it's the COOLEST, and she may even have a book deal on the table?!?!? Don't Eat the Paintings.

bryana has the most amazing assortment of vintage men's accessories you've ever seen on her website dapper dean...now only to find a boy who likes to wear vintage men's accessories.


Jesse said…
Speaking of boys who like to wear vintage men's accessories, Lo sent me Bryana's site. Ya know, if she needs a tester for her products, I don't live too far away. Just sayin
speaking of girls who like sweets...i think i need to be bffs with this lc girl
bryana said…
hope someone LOVED their valentines day/ anniversary present!