momma bear

my mom is something special. she comments on my blog quite frequently and it always puts the biggest smile on my face. some recents:

"WOWIE ZOWIE, you are so awesome Lana, I thank God everyday for you, and you were an exceptional child, left me wondering what happened with the rest, than i realized you were one in a million, and the rest were great. I love you, and I hope you get where God wants you."

"omgosh you are the most beautiful ever, i have to laugh at you, you post all these girls with clothes you love, and here you are the best of all. I love you!"

"I'm lazy with hair too, hmm bad momma, and I love you, you know exactly what i need when i call you, isnt that the best!!!! love you today and tomorrow and on and on, Mom"

Notice how much she tells me she loves me? I love her. love you momma!