im absolutely head over heels in love with my family. my siblings were a big part of why i moved back to the west coast. i realized they were growing up without me in their lives. i would see them once or twice a year, and gracie was only 3 when i moved out!!! Since being back I have gotten to see my family 100000x more than i have in the past several years. it's been glorious. my heart just bursts when katy calls me to ask for advice. i want to dance around with joy when nick calls to confide in me. they trust me. they love me. they look up to me. that's all i could ever ask. I didn't really have much of a big brother growing up, so i wanted to be the best big sister i could. it took me awhile to find my place, but now that i have..i'm pleased as punch. now to figure out how to keep in touch with boo bear...we swapped coasts!!!!! FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!