London 2

woke up super early, then went back to sleep for a bit. when we finally got up and out of the house we grabbed something to eat at Princi. It's an italian cafeteria style joint with a french baker. go figure. it was amazing. I tried my very first cannoli. (who am i?) I haven't had one before because i assumed it was custard inside and never cared to know that it wasn't. well john made me take a bite, and it was actually delicious. ricotta?!?! so weird. but so good! I'm still a cake fan though. always will be. We went to Liberty, and I could have spent hours in there. Besides the beautiful scarves, their men's department really caught my eye. I spent the majority of my time down there. I wish we had one here. Besides being in an AMAZING space, it's an amazing department store. We walked to soho and took in a movie at curzon cinema. We saw Animal Kingdom. It's an Australian gang movie, and it was good. We're headed to the Camden Market Tomorrow!!!