London 3

John and I went to The Breakfast Club for brunch today. We walked up to a line down the side of the building. probably an hour wait. in my head i was like "no way am i waiting for food!" but john has been waiting to eat at this place until i got into town so i kept my mouth shut and admired the french men in front of us (wearing converse and levi denim..ha!) I looked up and down the line and noted "it seems like we're the only party of 2..maybe they have a table for 2 and we'll get to go in front of everyone!" and 5 minutes later..thats exactly what happened. I love being awesome. We split apple banana french toast and the veggie american breakfast (pancakes, veggie sausage, hashbrowns, eggs and mushrooms) It was delicious!

Then we hopped on the underground to go to Camden. We spent the afternoon walking around Camden market which was quite the experience. there were SO many little alleys and booths and shops and buildings to explore. some vintage, some new, some weird, all fun. then the food carts! everything smelled soooooo good. I didn't buy anything except an arapa for john to try. we were waiting for macie and boyce when we saw the Chin Chin Laboratorists. Liquid Nitrogen ICE CREAM. This place is one of the most well designed, thought out and branded places i've been in in some time. The guy who started it was there making all the ice cream and it was such an experience. not to mention some of the BEST ice cream I've ever had. I got Chocolate, John got vanilla. They use super nice fancy chocolate to make the sauce, which they pour in a kitchen aid, then pour liquid nitrogen in, and stir. It immediately turns into the creamiest, rich ice cream. holy cow. then he hands it to the other girl working, and she lets you choose your sauce and topping. I got dark chocolate and chocolate covered pop rocks. John got salted caramel sauce and carmelized pretzels. Mine was 100x better. At this point i was literally freezing. couldn't feel my toes!

We trekked back to the flat where i fell asleep on the couch and then we went to dinner at Vapiano. i got a margherita pizza. full fun awesome day, yet again.