London 4

Today was pretty laid back. I finally slept past 7:30am. I met John at the shop and we went to get some lunch at Flat Planet. They serve spelt flatbread with different toppings. I got the Med Chick (Sundried tomato paste, free-range chicken tossed in a lemon and fresh thyme marinade, cherry tomatoes and basil, roasted sweet red peppers) John got the Veg All Day Breakfast (mushroom, free-range egg, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil, with a little brown sauce and onion marmalade.) Both were delicious.

I hung out at the shop most of the day, took a walk around in the afternoon and decided to give Topshop a go. I knew I needed a plan of attack or I was going to hyperventilate. So I went for the accessories first. Jewelry, bags and shoes. I came out with only a ring, but 3 pairs of shoes and a bag on my mind. We will see. I've been to Topshop in NYC, and it's big and has great stuff. This one is RIDICULOUSLY huge. Like, it's actually insane. I'm going to try and just do a little bit over the span of several days. ha.

Then Emma came to the shop and we all got dinner at Vapiano again. I opted for pasta this time, and got their special. Fresh Zucchini, pine nuts, Belper Knolle cheese and i opted for tomato sauce as well instead of just oil. The Belper Knolle cheese is dried with a rind of black bepper, Himalayan salt & garlic. It was probably the best pasta dish I've ever had. And they make it right in front of you! Eating my way across London. <3