London 5

John's family came in today, as well as Lennard!!!! (plus Sal, Kelly and Chris M) It was instantly a party, and Clark, Lucas and Chris D aren't even here yet. We (they, i mainly watched) unpacked all the boxes and hung out at the shop. It was the first time all the employees were all together. They are all awesome. Sal, Lennard and I took a walk around, and we stopped into a vintage store where these shorts didn't fit, but i like the idea and may try and re-create at home.

We all grabbed a pint at a pub around the corner from the shop after we were done, and it was a jolly good time. we all split up at this point and a handful of us got dinner, and we're back at the flat now. Gonna try to sleep early and get a good start on the day tomorrow.

Sorry so blurry. new kids!!!!! plus old kids and non kids.


Siobhan said…
ahhhh look at your cute hair! i want more pictures!