London 7

Opening day! The whole reason I went to London was to be there for John's grand opening. I'm so proud of him, and everything he has done, and LOVE being there for these special events in his life, where he accomplishes another dream of his. I love sharing the joy, happiness, excitement, and craziness that goes along with an opening. There were people lined up starting Friday and we didn't open the door until 1pm on Saturday. At that point the line was down the block and around the corner. It took until midnight to get every last customer in the store. It was amazing. The new JC staff is incredible..overall an AMAZING day, happy success to John!

It was like opening a Christmas present! Massive amounts of people. CRAZY! Lucas came in late Friday night, so we got to hang on Saturday, it's so good to see that boy (he was a boy when i met him, now he's all grown up and a man!) We all headed back to the flat after we closed up shop,and had the most giant slumber party. it was perfect.