i'll be in philly in no time. i'll be transferring to the ardmore store (10 miles outside the city) in my current position! It's a bigger store (they get more and better stuffff) a little higher volume, and they do alot of the initial installs there, so I'll get to work with the display teams hopefully. There's also a TJ's there (so i won't miss living around the corner from one here) and a daily farmers market. It will be a fun new challenge to grow that store since its been around for awhile vs my store which had only been there for a year when i started. yea yea yea! now you can all come visit me, and we'll play dress up and you can be my "favorite" customers! It will be weird to have a commute, something i haven't had since living in LA. Which means I'm in the market for a car. I'm going to look at my options and see if it would be better to get one here and drive across country, or fly out, ship my stuff and buy one there. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Philly I'm coming home!!!!


Siobhan said…
Best post everrrrrr