Man- February felt like a really long month. I went to Philly, decided to move to Philly, did spring install at work, worked ALOT, found a new home for Kashi, worked some more..its the shortest month, yet it felt so long! I'm so looking forward to the newness of March. And spring, and new beginnings, and being back in Philly, and London in 2 days, and and and and. I constantly have a smile on my face, and I'm so excited for what's to come. It's like being a kid again. I love not worrying but being excited. I've spent copious amount of time with Meg recently at work, everyday ALL DAY, and I have to say..I am SO thankful to have her as my partner. To be able to spend that much time with someone in such a small setting, and still laugh and get along, and flow the way we do is really a gift. I'm gonna miss her. Luckily she's moving to BOSTON so she'll only be 6 hours away!!!! East Coast 2011 Crew. That's us.