yea that's right

you haven't heard from me since i got back from London because I've been working like a CRAZY person. I've only had one day off since I got back, which was spent not getting out of bed because my body needed to rest. The only other day off I have before my last day is on Saturday which I plan to spend pack pack packing.

I'm kind of trying not to think about everything i have to do. its actually insane. im not 100% decided how im getting out there, do i drive? do i fly? do i ship my stuff? AHHHHHHHHHHH. One more week of work. so sad. then 2 weeks off!! then i'll be BACK IN PHILLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I can't even stand how excited i am. seriously.seriously.seriously.

bbqs and bike rides and late nights and dancing and friendship and cute boys and a new store and the keenans and having a car and new york and boston and lindsay's wedding and baby eloise and circle and flea markets and cooking and baking and csa's and breakfast dates and bowling and pretzels and pizza and block parties and girlfriends and and and and and. i cannot freaking wait.

im the most bummed to leave lauren and my store and not see meggers every day of my life. and how i got to see my family all the time. and the trees and the good smelling air, and the beautiful rain, and walking to work, and perfect summer weather, and AMAZING food, and learning more about myself and what i need, and amaaaaazing thrifting/vintage shopping and and and.

life is crazy. things are changing fast. i love my life. im excited for a new old start.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE