today i felt weird. i felt alone, but i also didn't really want to be around anyone. I found myself on the verge of tears all day for no apparent reason. maybe there's too much happening all at once. maybe i miss my family. maybe my first day of work was somewhat overwhelming. maybeeeeeeeeee im thinking about something so crazy and i don't know what to do or think about it. maybe im stressed out. maybe i don't feel settled bc all my stuff is still in boxes.

im officially at the keenans now. feels so good. my sister is coming this weekend. im excited to see her. having a car is so nice. i had a day off and i could actually just go run errands, and be on my own schedule and do whatever i needed. its been a long time, and although its a million more things to think about, it's also so freeing.

things to look forward to:

lc's wedding!!!!!!!!!
dinner on friday with haley
seeing john ASAPPPPPP
decorating a new space


My name's Haley said…
want to spend part of Friday unpacking your boxes? I would love to help you get settled!!!
Lauren said…
I miss you hunny buns baby boo. I know I am 3,000 miles and 3 hours away but you can always give me a call if you ever want to talk or not talk. Even if I'm at work I can make time for you.

I hope you get settled and feel happy again soon.

My captcha is "miescew" (mees chew...miss you...) I think it's a sign.