Apr 8, 2011

back in place

got here tues at midnight, brybry picked me up, and haven't stopped hanging since. I've seen all my boo's, all my ladies, and have been to a handful of my favorite spots already. It feels so good to be back. sometimes i have to stop and think "wait..am i in portland or philly" because i forget. I'm staying with Bry until my stuff gets here (hopefully this weekend) and then I'm actually jetting down to florida! spend a few days in the sun, see my grandparents, and my step-mom, and buy a car..then drive it back to philly! a 17 hour drive, doable in one day, all by my lonesome. I'm looking forward to it. I like having my own life, and not having to think about anyone else. It's so freeing. I'm making this year the best it can be, so I can say "im right where i want to be" adventure life! repeating in my head.

I'm looking forward to having some help with the car buying thing. the first time i bought a car i was 16, had a bunch of money saved, gave it to my parents, told them what kind of car i wanted, and they did the rest. I got really overwhelmed the past few days thinking about where to start. I thought to myself "this is where i need my parents". Yea for supportive parents!

I saw this today at Shot Tower, and love it. I'm a sucker for cute sayings, and fun prints.

random post. too much fun being had to post!

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