being an adult

so im back from my florida adventure which was perfect in every way. i drove back in my new car! (well new to me) I bought a Volvo S40, and after the 1000 mile trek back home, i can officially say i love it. My first car was a little red ford focus sedan. i loved that car, and i drove the willienillie out of it! It felt like a first car. I bought it when i was 16! almost 10 years later, I bought my second car, and it feels like a 25 year old adult car. I followed Lindsey's advice and got a great deal at a Lexus dealership! I stopped driving as a part of my one year challenges, and loved the freedom, so never went back. It's been a good run, but it was time for me to own a vehicle again. Do you name your cars?

ha- they put it in the showroom with a red carpet and a sign that said "congratulations ms. thompson!". too funny.


Lindsey said…
call me Ms. Daisy and take me for a ride!