a few days left..

Today Lauren and I went to Saint Honoré Boulangerie for breakfast. holy yum. i ate a tiny baby raspberry croissant, and a tiny baby chocolate croissant. I want to learn more about french baking when I get back to philly. pastries and breads.

then i packed. and packed. and packed and packed and packed. all while listening to the neil diamond pandora station. im packed, but still have to take my boxes to the station, and take all the stuff i'm getting rid of (feels SO GOOD!) to the thrift store.

I met up with Jon for happy hour at Ram's Head (always) then headed to Oba! for more happy hour. Some people met up there, and I enjoyed my FAVORITE bread and butter in Portland and some black bean hummus. yum.

Beth and I walked to Life of Riley, played some shuffleboard, and drank some beers. Britt and Lauren came down and we heard Toto's Africa 7 times in a row. it was actually awesome. We talked about boys. you know- girl stuff.

We made our way to Sweet Masterpiece (worst name for a restaurant ever) and ordered some dessert. I got chocolate cake (duh) Lauren got a brownie sundae, and Britt got a fruit cobbler thing. warm fruit is gross. my opinion.

All this while wearing all solid black. what happened to me while getting dressed today? I always wear color and/or print, but today I ended up solid and black. maybe i subconsciously am mourning my leave from this place.

I also had the most hilarious text message conversation with my mom. she's the best. she makes me feel loved every day, and she also makes me laugh every day. I hope I am like her when I grow up, except the WOW part. (sorry mom)