flo rida

skipping town (i know i know..already??) to get some sunshine for the week. I had the time off, i have family and friends to see and stay with, and will be 5 feet from the beach. hello getting a start on my summer glow.

I'm a big advocate for sun screen, since I had skin cancer when I was a kid. I've read a lot of articles about sunscreen, and as with everything else I consume (in or on my body) i like to think, the more natural, the better. I've been using Alba green tea sunscreen for a few years now and love it. It's not greasy, it smells amazing, and it is great protection! I super highly recommend it.

I will hopefully be finding a car down there, and driving it back up. I probably won't give myself much time to stop along the way, but if you have any suggestions, let a girl know!


sanityseeker said…
Yay! Have a great time! We just started using the alba last summer and we love it too.