full on summer mode

today it was in the 80's in Philly. I put on my cut-offs, a muscle tee and rode my bike to meet Siobhan at Leotah's. We sat outside and drank iced tea, and enjoyed the warm air. Will and Lilou met us there, and it was so delightful.

I met back up with Bry and we went to NJ to see the new, redone Village Thrift. It's definitely nicer and more organized. I got some tie dye trouser shorts, a tie dye sun dress (oh man..i didn't notice the theme until now) a big straw hat, and a high waisted longer denim skirt (it's a really super duper light weight denim..definitely summer worthy) success! We had some time to kill before my flight so we stopped by the Sazz vintage warehouse in Kensington. It's open Mondays and Saturdays to the public located on the corner of Boston and Coral. I was definitely over stimulated, and under nourished so my attention span was short. I was able to find this ridiculous pair of white (im pretty sure they're polyester) floral wide leg flowy pants. it sounds crazy, but i put them on, and they are actually so cute. I'll have to post a picture when i wear them so you know im not a total fruit. This picture isn't from today, but Bry and I scooted into the city last week to walk around and do a little shopping. We had Gamil take our photo since we look awesome with helmets on. babes on scooters! love that lady.


Siobhan said…
I had no idea you took a picture of us. I look kinda funny and Weez looks so serious. Such a good day though!