its coming down to it, and i have way too much to do, and way not enough hours to do it. actually, id be fine if the postal service was open on the weekends. yikes!

today was my last day at work. it was sad in that meggie was the only one around..so it was a quiet escape. she got me this amazing bracelet from luvlow, erin wasson's new line. I'M IN LOVE with it. Meg always knows what i'll like. where is the disconnect for boys to know these things?

I found out this week I won't be at cute, outdoor, short commute, fun neighborhood, shorter hours Ardmore Free People. I'll be at long commute, indoor huge mall, way later hours King of Prussia Free People. This isn't what I wanted, at all..but im going with it for now. If they want to put me in the #5 store in the company, it's because they think im capable, and that's great. I also got my review today. It was really encouraging to hear about the past year and how much I've grown and done with this store. Our successes were definitely a team effort, but its nice to see where i had a hand in it. Proud moment.

boys.boys.boys. i leave that one just like that.

i have 4 days left in portland. that is crazy. its opening day tomorrow for the phillies. im jazzed.