Apr 5, 2011

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

My Grandma always says that.."wonderful wonderful wonderful". I love it. No matter what I always love this song. St. Vincent cover is pretty darn good. Thanks Jon.

Well..this was my very last day in Portland, and I wouldn't have spent it any other way. All day with my lady Lauren. We ate our way through Portland's finest cupcakes, lunch @ Papa Haydn, mani/pedi's, I got a hair trim, we made the yummiest breakfast for dinner, and did some shopping. I got new shewwwwwwwws.

We took those at the Ace hotel yesterday while I got my last Stumptown coffee.


Sammi said...

I am in serious love with st vincent, thanks for sharing the video

Laura said...

there is an ace hotel here too! they have the best french fries!

stephy said...

What brand are your shewwwws? I love them.

lana bear said...

cooperative via urban outfitters! only $59 too..i LOVE them