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Coming up on 6 months of single life, and what i started out to do last year is actually happening this year. I'm not saying its easy..but I definitely wasn't in the right place for that 1 year challenge last year. Being my own person is so gratifying. It gives me more confidence and makes me feel like a stronger woman. Sometimes if I stop long enough and think about the past year I actually get mind blown. I left Philly but my heart did not. It's unreal some days to realize I am ACTUALLY back here.

I like keeping busy. Mostly because I enjoy being active, but sub consciously I think i like being distracted. I could use some quiet time. alone time. i don't want to, but i think it would be good for me. I really want to get up to NY and the beach this weekend. Maybe I will just go for it solo. Do my own thing. Adventure life.

I cannot stop thinking about fall and boots and sweaters. even though it was 100 degrees today.

wordy today. oops.


Lauren said…
I know you didn't like it here but I super miss having you around. I was thinking of our late night get togethers living just a couple blocks from each other and I wish I could have that back.