on paper

Well making that list certainly helped me on my way to an awesome summer! This weekend has been amazing and isn't even over..the best is yet to come! Alyssa came to town for a few days to interview at home office, and so I deemed myself her tour guide to make sure if (when) she gets the job she actually wants to move to this fine city. This resulted in a completely spontaneous adventure night. Margaritas, bull dogs, bowling in bed jackets, a cosmic doorway, charlie st cloud, abbaye, the projects, bartram's gardens at midnight, a bonfire on the river with complete strangers and a good nights sleep.

yes, that's a turkey you see.

Then Saturday consisted of a honey's date, walking around center city, kylee is in town, and a roof deck engagement party. also shirtless hugs. oh i mean thugs.

and today?! FLOATING THE RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!