Aug 27, 2011

alright already

I guess it's time I let you know: I'm moving! Just back to Fishtown, but out of the Keenan household which is sad and hard. They've been my place to land for the past couple of years when I was transitioning out of Philly, then whenever I came back to visit and most recently when I was transitioning back into Philly. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the 3 little faces of Ru, Jane and Penny. Those girls means as much to me as my own siblings. Lois and I were always close, but this time around I really connected with Jesse and I'm glad to be leaving knowing we have a solid friendship too. While it's only a mile away, in our world it's too far. Here's to sleepovers, dinner parties and spontaneous drop ins..I love you!!!!

my new house!


Jesse said...

aww :-)

Siobhan said...

Cute house! Glad to have you closer.

My name's Haley said...

that house is ADORABLE!!!! Glad you'll be closer too.