mad crush

as I made my daily rounds on the FP site to see what's new, I saw a sweater I've been eyeing and decided to actually take a peek. beyond loving the sweater I'm actually really liking the model's hair! I've been considering growing my bangs out all summer (humidity + curly hair + straight bangs= disaster) but think I look dumb with out them so I have yet to do it. With some rough encouragement from the peanut gallery this last week on vacation, and the inspiration from this photo, I may grow them out..and cut my hair??? I don't know I am ready for something new, but have been growing it out for so longgggggggggggggggggggg. i would keep it my natural color obvs.


sanityseeker said…
lana, i love your blog. but i would love it even more if you optimized it for mobile. i need to get my mobile stalk on, ok? under your settings, go to email & mobile, and click that little dot that says "yes. show mobile template on mobile devices" ...of course you may have a valid reason for NOT doing this, but i figured i'd just let you know that some of your audience wants to read your blog on their iphone at 3 am when awake feeding their baby. hehehe!