The Portland Collection

I have a long standing love affair with Pendleton. Growing up in the NW and moving back as an adult, the eternally classic woolen mill continues to grow and be relevant in these modern times. They teamed with 3 Portland designers (2 of which do church & state, the other has his own men's line, but all friends!) for this particular line, set to debut this month! It will be available here in Philly at Arcadia Boutique and Sugarcube. I certainly can not wait to see it in person!


Anonymous said…
“We were hoping something like this would happen! Back in 2007 Pendleton was under the radar, but the fit for Sugarcube® and our customer was undeniable. Bringing Pendleton to the Philadelphia region was our foremost mission as we saw the underlying progressive nature of the company and the dedication to American heritage, to America’s ‘original collaboration’ with Native American tribes. Those primary ingredients help fuel Pendleton as a sought after brand, as an American brand both trustworthy and genuine. –Many brands now collaborate but surely they did it first as a business model!

And now…The Portland Collection, Pendleton’s contemporary line! We think of it as Neo Navajo, a contemporary adaptation of their classic collaborative fabric designs. The Portland Collection simply rocks!”

Sugarcube® 124 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia PA 19106 215-238-0825