It's time for another round of dating horrors.

I met this guy a few months ago, and we had a really great time together. He was a friend of a friend so I figured it was pretty safe. We live in different cities, about 5 hours away, so we spent the first couple of weeks getting to know each other after the initial week together talking via gmail, text and a couple of phone conversations. We had plans to meet up in NYC for a couple of days, and the week leading up to it it went from:

meeting up in NYC
most likely seeing each other
possibly crossing paths
"I don't want to make any plans, I just want to let my spirit animal guide me"

WTF!!!!!!! And he teased me about being a hippie?? Goodbye, sir!

***we've since chatted and made amends, and will remain "friends" (aka I probably won't ever talk to him again)


jenibender said…
spirit animal. hahahahah. wow! yo people are actually crazy.