what up weekend?

I worked, moved, then worked some more this appropriately titled weekend. Lucky for me I have a few days off towards the end of the week and will be escaping to NYC. Fashion's Night Out is in it's 3rd year and I'll be partaking in the city wide extravaganza with my lovely lady friend Andrea!

I'm loving my new house, and my new roommate, and can't wait to have you over for breakfast, or dinner, or a drink in our adorable back yard.

I spent a couple days last week at the Home Office for a Holiday meeting. All the store managers flew in from all over the country and it was SO fun to see all the girls I used to work with on the West Coast and meet all the new girls out here who I haven't met yet.

Summer is the season to be single. It definitely gets harder when the weather changes..all i want is to snuggle. I'm going to put a lot of time and effort into baking this fall. I want to master bread.

Weird current of thoughts for the day...