we FINALLY got the internet, so that means back to a more regular blogging/tumbling/internetting schedule. Can't say I missed it terribly, but it certainly is nice to have it.

Caught a shoplifter at work yesterday. that ruled. I have lots of fun plans this week that I am looking forward to. Rachael is home now, we haven't both been home for over 2 weeks. I like how we spend time together: each one of us on a couch under a blanket on our laptops. co-existing is one of my favorite things. Dan and I are getting friendship tattoos (except he went and got his without me!!) I still think about getting sick knuckle tattoos, but know I won't ever really do it. I think I'm going to start doing Yoga. I'm on the hunt for a cabin to rent for a weekend in November. FTFFF is coming up here soon!!

that was all very weird and random. glad to be back on the internetz.