tha shi cray

Not sure when I will ever feel like I have time again. Work has been so crazy lately, and after the holidays we go right into the opening of my new store. Which is totally exciting, but also feels like a total dream. I can't even believe it. No more commute. Working in the city? a beautiful brand new huge store?! Seriously, I know I work hard and deserve it but I am one crazy lucky girl. Will you come meet me for lunch?


Anonymous said…
Hi- I've enjoyed your blog for some time now. I found it through another blog I've been lurking on, A Delightful Affair. I'm now de-lurking (sort of) because I've been awfully worried about Lauren as she hasn't posted in such a long time. Is she OK? I don't need details... just a "She's OK," would make me happy. Thanks. Wishing you a happy holiday season and a successful opening of your new store.

R in Oregon (who really isn't as creepy as this comment might make me seem!)