not so hot

I guess I'm already not doing so well. To TRY and make up for it, I'll tell you all about my weekend. It involved a lot of bikes and bike riding with Richard. Friday night we rode into the city to drop off some film (including a roll which has some pictures from the second night we met when my sly friend Colleen stole his camera and snapped a few shots) I'm very excited to get those back. Then we stopped by Free People (I had the weekend off, I couldn't stay away) and I bought my March allowances.
Then is started to rain so we came home and I made healthy brownies and we watched Man on Wire. I fell asleep, but as I've seen it before..oh well. Saturday we didn't leave the house til about 5:30 but we ended up biking across the city to Fairmount, then down into the city to try out Elixr on my roomates recommendation. It's only a block away from my store, and its a great atmosphere and a wonderful cup of coffee. We sat at the bar for a while just enjoying our drinks and a pastry.
We met up with Thom and Sara for dinner at Loco Pez, and then headed to a little birthday party where we ran into both my ex's. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Enough awesome for one night. Sunday we rode to 30th St station to get tickets for our upcoming trip to Portland/Seattle. Then we were off to the Art Museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit. Bummer it was sold out, but we did get to see the Zoe Strauss exhibit which I had been looking forward to. We were both pretty starving after that, so we rode over to old city and grabbed dinner at La Locanda Del Ghiottone. (3rd and Cherry) IT WAS SO GOOOOOOD. I had the Ricotta Gnocchi, and it was hands down the best I've ever had.
What a lovely weekend with the most handsome, wonderful, loving, funny, caring smart babe there ever was in all the land. i'm defs in love.