WEllllllll that didn't work so well did it? I'm so so cited be because it's going to be in the seventies this week, both on days i have OFF so I am going to put on shorts and ride my bike and have fun fun fun. Richard and I are heading to the NW in a week and 2 days, yayyy!

 I'm also very very excited about celebrating my first Noruz! It's an Iranian holiday, celebrating the new year. I love the idea that the new year starts on the first day of Spring, like new life. Richard has his lentils soaking, and I can't wait to make a wish when we dump them off the BF Bridge. I also want to get a fish for the Haftsin table. Also just to have a fish.

 I'm getting a hair cut on Tuesday. To trim, and keep growing, or get a real hair cut. I always have my eye on Alexa Chung's hair. Shorter, but very blunt.
YAY I'm excited to Spring, and Summer, and vacation, and falling in love with the best babe ever, and and and and and. YAYYYYYYY


Lauren said…
Hey Lovely, I was looking for pictures for cutting my hair and found this. Of course. Because you have fabulous taste. Miss you and love you to pieces!