A, B, C

a) I changed my header. It's been a few years, I wanted something simpler..and naturally I put a heart in it.

b) I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do in life. I've been in retail for almost 10 years! I wonder if I'll be wanting to stress out about payroll when im 37. I've been captivated by childbirth since I helped my mother deliver my youngest sister when I was 15. I've toyed with the idea of becoming a Doula. More recently I've wondered about even becoming a Midwife, and making a career out of it. It would involve going back to school to become an RN, then attending Midwifery School. Exciting! But also the though of school again is nauseating. Also, even Nursing School part time would be crazy to do on top of a full time job, so what would I do? How could I support myself? Thoughts thoughts thoughts.

c) Rich just had friends bike across the country! They put up a picture this morning when they got to SF, and it was so inspiring. I want to start taking longer bike rides. Maybe some day Rich and I will ride bikes down the coast (west). dreams dreams dreams, and that would mean a new bike!


C and G said…
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C and G said…
I'm starting my Doula Internship in September! You should go for it!