DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT?! I signed up for a French class!!!! It starts tomorrow, and it's 10 weeks long, once a week for an hour. The school is Alliance Fran├žaise, a few blocks from work!

THEN! Bowling begins again on Tuesday! And I have the BABEST of babes on my team! Melissa and Dan again, and EMMA TOOZE my biggest girl crush ever.

LAST AND NOT LEAST! My girl Mae just started at a new salon! I have an appt on Thursday, and I am SO excited to see her in a place she will be so happy in. I had the pleasure of celebrating her and Matt's wedding last weekend, and oh! what a joy! BFF Siobhan makes an appearance below too as a TOTAL BABE.


Bangs said…
Shiv is such a babe.
Bangs said…
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Siobhan said…
Thanks ladies (-: