week 3

Today is day 21! I've made it through 3 weeks of Whole30, and I feel pretty good. It's easier to shop, cravings are virtually gone, and I just feel dang awesome. I went out for breakfast for the first time with Siobhan and had great success at Honeys. At home, I've cooked up a mean batch of chicken tinga, spaghetti squash with chicken and tomato sauce, and I have become quite fond of these mini coconut flour pancakes. Seriously, they are dairy free (are eggs dairy?) and grain free! I like to put sunbutter and bananas on them, or apple spread with cinnamon.

Something else really encouraging and honestly, just heart warming..is that three ladies I know have all been inspired to start their own Whole30! AWESOME!!!!

Richard and I had Thanksgiving here, our 2nd together! We cooked for ourselves, and everything was Whole30 compliant! We didn't miss a beat :) (I did bake him a pumpkin pie..) Yep, that's turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts, sweet potato bake and mashed fauxtatoes (cauliflower and turnips! holy YUM!) First time I haven't felt like I wanted to vomit after thanksgiving!!!

Food has become my life. These 30 days are all about making myself healthier. This involves sleeping...as much as possible! Exercising (taking longer routes to work, or extracurricular rides with rich) and simplifying my life in other ways. Here's to the last week of my journey to wellness!


Siobhan said…
Great job, Lana! All of that looks delicious.