New things...

This blog has seen me through so much of my adult life! From just turning 21, in and out of relationships, back and forth across the country, different jobs, different days...I've grown and become myself while sharing much of those experiences with you. I've written less and less here over the past year. My life has become joined together with my best friend and love, Richard. So many of my experiences these days are shared with him. I feel like this blog has always been my life, but I feel as though I have an "our life" now which I have hesitated from posting about here. I started a tumblr awhile ago for me to keep track of small moments with him I wanted to remember. This week we turned it into an "our life" blog, and decided to contribute our own views of it together. It has bikes, Richard's photography, cooking adventures, and all things we love. I will still return here to post about my personal experiences outside of my relationship, so don't stop following! Just begin following my new adventure with my buddypalfriend. We call it : the bunny hole.

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