new year

Ok, well it's 2 months in, but with the fiscal year at work, it really only feels like we're a month in. I've been taking stock of my personal happiness, and what I can do to effect it here, in this place, where I don't feel happy. I came up with a March Mantra: Mind, Body, Soul March. I set some boundaries for myself, and started the week before March because I was so excited..and it've been feeling good.

1. Eat strictly Paleo
2. Work out 3x a week for at least 30 minutes.
3. Take a step away from work when I'm not at work. Don't read work emails after 8pm, or for limited amounts of time on days off.
4. Maintain personal hygeine. (I've been so exhausted that I'll go to bed without washing my face..)

So far, so good. I joined SoulCycle, which is a spin class, but with upper body workout, and its a dark, candlelit room, and motivational? Sounds weird, but the music is loud and pumps you up, and it's fun. I'm doing that once a week because it's a little pricey. I am determined to try and be a runner. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app, and am looking to start that this week. Rich and I also went on our first road ride together since moving here. 20 miles round trip out to San Bruno Mountain! I wanted to die towards the end, but he made me pedal all the way to the top. He's a good buddy.

I'm hoping to see these things reduce my stress levels, and overall improve my happiness level. I'll let ya know how it goes. Of course I went and got sick the first week of March...


Jesse Keenan said…
Its amazing how much physical activity can affect mental health. Running is the best for that. You can do it! Keep it up!!