When Rich and I started dating, and I would stay at his house, or he at mine..I would always take the quarters from his change pile he pulled out of his pocket before bed. I don't know where my love of quarters came from, I think because as a kid they could buy me things. I would save quarters and could buy cookies at school, or a soda from a machine..it was the easiest form of money to come by. It eventually turned into Rich hiding quarters for me to find. All over the house, in pockets, shoes, clothes..he would hide them all around the world wherever we would go. Every quarter I would find was a token of his love. When we moved to SF 4 years ago, I got a pitcher at thrift store, and started saving them all "for a rainy day". The rainy day has come (we're moving to Washington after all!) so I rolled them all up to go change them out and boy there's a lot of love in that pitcher..

approx. 2/week for 4 years...or $96 :) 


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