On the Road

Well, we just got back from a long weekend in LA, where we had tickets to see Willie Nelson and the Ice Cream Museum! 

We spent a day in my old neighborhood, (I can't believe it's been TEN YEARS since I lived in LA and went to FIDM) Silverlake. Every time I'm in LA, there are SO many new spots I need to see and try. This was my first trip since I started eating a plant based diet, so I was excited to try out all the vegan restaurants LA has to offer. 

Kasey Musgraves opened for Willie, and we could see her sparkles from the very top! We got the cheapest seats, so honestly I don't have a good photo, but it was amazing! Follow Kasey on Instagram to see her stories from stage with closeups of Willie! 

If you're in SF, subscribe for the MOIC emails, it's coming to San Francisco later this year! 

Bardonna (Avocado Toast with TRUFFLE OIL!)

We also ate at: 

  • Little Pine (a 100% vegan restaurant from Moby)
  • Honey Hi 
  • Trejo's Tacos
  • Gracias Madres (it feels like a completely different restaurant than from the one in SF!) 
  • Sage (another 100% vegan restaurant open until 12am!) 
We're rounding out our last 2 weeks in California with as much Mexican food as we can handle (that's a lot of Mexican food..)

Feels good to be back. Stay tuned, I am updating my digital closet, so there will be fresh listings soon!