building a baby registry

One of the most overwhelming parts of having a baby was building the registry. We spend years gathering all the little things we need as humans to live. So to try and think of all those things at once, I didn't even know where to start. I googled suggested lists, but nothing really felt like it fit right with our mentality around baby gear. If we were going to bring another human into this overpopulated world, we are going to make damn sure we leave the smallest footprint we can while doing so. Things that were important to me while making the list:

1. Was it necessary? Was I absolutely sure he would like it and we would need it?
2. Can I find a version of this that's made sustainably?
3. Can I find a version of this made by a small business, or local, or secondhand?
4. Does this have multiple uses?
5. Can we continue using this product after he's outgrown it?

These questions helped rule out a ton of stuff from the get go. Once I had my list of things to register for, then began the research to find the specific products we wanted to use. You really have to dig below the surface with alot of baby products to make sure they are as natural/eco friendly/sustainable as they're advertised to be. Here is a great blog post about the best natural disposables on the market right now.

The 2 things that I felt had the MOST options were figuring out our diapering setup and bottle setup. You really just have to find brands that fit your needs/lifestyle/morals etc.

My favorite things we picked out were:

Moonwomb Breastfeeding Pillow in Hali Mini Print by the Sustainable Baby Co. 

Handwoven Changing Basket by Design Dua. 

All items made by small companies, sustainably that have longevity. The pillow is a cute shape that can work as a pillow long after breastfeeding is over. The basket can work as a container for toys for years down the road, and the sling functions in so many different ways he'll be in it for quite some time! 

I edited our registry with notes now that we've gotten everything and have been using it, and added in some things we've gotten since that can hopefully be a jumping off point for someone looking to build a minimal/sustainable registry!