Closet Edit

I work in retail. I work for a company I LOVE, and therefore I own a LOT of clothes. I buy them from work, or thrift them or invest in small designers/brands I love. I'm very much into the "fewer/better" mentality and a few years ago stopped supporting fast fashion. What works for me is thinking about each piece I'm considering buying and asking myself "will I wear this when I'm 50?" So it has to be a more timeless style that I won't dislike in a few years and it has to be made well, to sustain years of wear! This usually boils down to natural materials (Linen, Cotton, Wool, Flax).

I'm also a very sentimental person, so letting go of clothes is hard. They all have stories and they're so beautiful. Fashion is an expression of yourself, a wearable piece of art. So all these pieces have little pieces of me attached to them. I've gotten better over the last few years at constantly editing my closet. Kind of a "one in one out" exchange. With some extra down time these days while little bear naps, I started cleaning out my closet once again. That's a satisfying before/after up above. I was able to post everything so far on my Instagram and sold a lot of it yesterday! Follow along and check my "shop" highlight to see items still available!